Project Implementation

Econoler makes contributions to the implementation of energy-efficiency projects by using its various kinds of expertise in project implementation and monitoring phases. Over the years, Econoler has gained strong expertise in conducting energy audits and developing projects using various implementation approaches at various stages of such initiatives’ evolution. Whether the approach used to develop a project is conventional, energy performance contracting (EPC), or public-private partnership or involves some innovative financing mechanisms, Econoler provides strong support to public and private energy consumers in designing an approach that is adapted to meet their specific needs. Before the implementation phase, Econoler supports its clients by conducting studies, developing the specifications, helping evaluate the proposals and preparing and negotiating contracts. After projects are implemented, Econoler offers services related to the measurement and verification of savings, staff-training, monitoring of contractual obligations fulfillment by the contractors selected, and provides expert advice in the event of any dispute. In the latter case, Econoler’s experts can serve as expert witnesses when and where legal actions are required. In short, Econoler’s clients can count on its comprehensive and specialized expertise in developing and monitoring their energy efficiency projects.


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