United Arab Emirates

Support for developing and implementing an EPC project tendering process

EXPERTISE : /Start-up assistance to ESCOs, Energy Performance Contracting /Design, Project Implementation /Measurement and Verification (M&V) of performance
SECTOR : , Commercial


Etihad Energy Service Company

PROJECT description

Etihad Energy Services Co. LLC (Etihad ESCO) was established in June 2013 as a subsidiary of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), a government entity. As a so-called “Super ESCO”, Etihad ESCO’s mission is to foster the growth of an ESCO market in Dubai and carry out public building retrofits by using the energy performance contracting (EPC) approach and ESCO tenders. Etihad ESCO is in charge of securing financing for projects to help remove the financing barriers faced by the ESCOs.

To carry out its first retrofit project, Etihad ESCO sought help from highly specialized consultants with strong expertise and extensive experience in EPC.


Econoler was mandated by Etihad ESCO to carry out the following tasks:

  • Developing a procurement strategy:
    • Design of procurement options for public-sector and private-sector organizations for Etihad ESCO, including recommendations on the preferred procurement options, and step-by-step guidance for implementing those procurement process options.
  • Developing the following procurement document templates:
    • Prior information notice.
    • Invitation for expression of interest.
    • Invitation to tender and request for proposals.
    • Evaluation criteria for proposal evaluation.
  • Reviewing the standard contract
    • Reviewing and adapting the standard EPC contract recently developed by the Dubai Regulatory and Supervisory Bureau (RSB) to verify its suitability for use with public-sector organizations.
  • Drafting other EPC contracts to be used for other projects:
    • Guaranteed savings contract
    • Shared savings contract
  • Providing support for the launching of an initial demonstration project
    • Providing support for adapting the initial standard procurement documents as well as the contract and complementary documentation.
    • Determining an energy cost baseline for the tendering procedure by identifying the savings potential for the seven DEWA buildings and street lighting systems selected for the energy efficiency project.
    • Assisting Etihad ESCO in carrying out the tendering and awarding processes, including the tender announcement, evaluation of offers, assistance with tender negotiations and contract awarding.
    • Providing support for reviewing the proposed M&V plans and implementing them.

With Econoler’s support, Etihad successfully completed its first tendering process and signed its first EPC contract. Ethiad ESCO also successfully prepared a complete set of documents it needed to be able to operate as a “Super ESCO” in the future.


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