About us

About us

Econoler is an international consulting firm with 40 years of experience in the design, implementation, evaluation and financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and projects.

Over the years, Econoler has contributed to developing and implementing about 5,000 projects in over 160 countries. Econoler has built its reputation thanks to the talents and innovation of its staff comprised of about 65 experts, including engineers, economists, financial specialists, marketing specialists and professional statisticians.

Mission and values


Invest in the success of the world energy transition

This vision represents our desire to be a leading actor in the energy transition of the planet. This leading role translates into work from many aspects while investing at all levels including time, as well as into developing knowledge and promising initiatives … an intellectual, creative, and financial effort.


Offer professional services that contribute to the fight against climate change by targeting energy efficiency and the use of sustainable energy resources.



The quality of our work distinguishes us. Excellence is at the heart of our actions and motivates us to:

  • Offer services beyond expectations
  • Find optimal solutions
  • Improve ourselves continually


Mutual respect is fundamental to our human interactions. It is the foundation of our relations with :

  • Colleagues
  • Clients
  • Partners


The development and implementation of innovative ideas are encouraged and valued. They are at the forefront of and are reflected in :

  • Our service offer
  • The implementation of projects
  • The processes of the firm


Econoler Inc. was founded in 1981 by Hydro-Québec and a leading Canadian engineering firm as one of the first Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) in the world. Econoler rapidly expanded its operations in Canada, investing over CAD 125 million in more than 650 projects in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors, through the use of a unique Energy Performance Contracting approach based on the shared savings concept.

In 1985, Econoler began to export and license its know-how and the ESCO concept outside of Canada, beginning in Western Europe and continuing to various countries in Asia, and North Africa. The concept was successfully implemented in more than 20 countries overall, making Econoler one of the most experienced firms in the world with respect to designing and implementing ESCO projects.

In the early 1990’s, Econoler diversified its activities in a wide range of related sustainable energy fields and focused its efforts on both consulting and international activities. The demands of this quickly evolving market implied a move away from being a functioning ESCO to devoting itself to international consulting; specializing in innovative approaches in energy efficiency, clean energy production, and the Clean Development Mechanism.

Due to a management buy-back in the early 2000s, Econoler is now an independent consulting firm, no longer connected to Hydro Québec other than as a major client, primarily in the program evaluation area.

In 2021, Econoler is celebrating its 40th anniversary. The following document was published and intended to feature the various milestones in the firm’s remarkable story (available here).