The transport sector finds itself in the midst of energy issues and is leading current efforts to reduce the greenhouse gases emitted by our society. Econoler contributes to these efforts by designing and implementing energy efficiency programs and projects adapted to the needs of transporting goods and persons. These initiatives are aimed at mitigating the consequences of energy costs on end users in the sector, helping fleet managers manage fuel consumption, and reducing carbon emissions and other pollutants thereof. These programs and projects comprise varied components such as training and awareness raising, reinforcing capacity, implementing pilot projects, installing standardized energy saving measures, and obtaining subsidies to help overcome financial barriers. Econoler possesses the expertise necessary to conduct market studies, design and manage programs, carry out third-party evaluations of the impacts and benefits of programs for all stakeholders, and support utilities in making the necessary modifications to their operations to contribute to the fight of climate change.

Econoler supports the initiatives of vehicle fleet managers and operators by helping manage fuel consumption, as well as the costs and greenhouse gas emissions thereof. The firm offers the following main services: verification of energy consumption; creation of energy management plans; support to project implementation; measurement and verification (M&V) of fuel savings; and quantification and validation of reduced carbon emissions. These services serve to achieve sustainable mobility in the transport of both goods and persons, an objective to the benefit of all.



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