Energy Performance Contracting

Econoler is a world leader in the use of energy performance contracting (EPC) to facilitate the implementation of energy efficiency projects. Econoler has developed a unique expertise in setting regulatory frameworks to apply the concept in both the public and private sectors and in developing programs tailored to the particular environment in which the concept will be used. This expertise also includes setting up specialized financing mechanisms for the implementation of projects under the energy performance contracting approach.

Econoler also works together with market players to facilitate the use of the concept. More specifically, the company acts as a facilitator for energy users in order to help them reach the various steps (call for expression of interest, call for tenders, contract drafting, measurement and verification plans for generated savings) leading to the selection of an energy service company (ESCO) and negotiation of a contract that meets their needs. Econoler also helps ESCOs build a business plan and implement their business approach to developing markets through the use of EPC.


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