Energy Efficiency and DSM Programs

Energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective approaches for households and governments in a society to use to reduce their recurring expenses, improve the competitiveness of their enterprises and directly address the major causes of climate change. However, implementing financially rewarding energy efficiency projects may face quite some barriers, which the governments and the entities concerned (specialized agencies and utilities in the energy sector) must address. Energy efficiency programs offer a package of responses to these barriers by using various tools, such as standards, information-management mechanisms, technical support, grants and subsidies, adapted financing and other approaches adapted to the specific needs of each of the targeted markets. For public utilities, one particular approach to such programs is to develop and implement measures aimed at influencing consumers to such an extent that the desired changes can happen to the way in which the demand behaves during a particular period of time (demand-side management).

Econoler is one of the global market leaders in identifying client needs, designing, implementing and evaluating energy efficiency and demand-side management programs. Our staff is comprised of experts with strong collective expertise in all the necessary EE-related specialized areas and has over 30 years of experience in various aspects related to the successful implementation of EE programs.


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