Design and manage finance mechanisms for energy efficiency projects


About EcofUnds

  • Ecofunds is an enterprise that combines the expertise of Econoler as a world leader in energy efficiency services with the financial and management strength of Fondaction, a Quebec worker pension fund with more than 3.25 billion dollars under management and whose mission is strongly aligned with sustainable development.
  • The mission of Ecofunds is to offer complete and innovative support and financial services in energy performance, as well as in designing, structuring, implementing, and managing initiatives to finance energy efficiency projects.


  • Designing finance programs for energy efficiency projects.
  • Implementing organizational and operational structures that enable managing finance mechanisms for energy efficiency projects.
  • Operating management and marketing structures, as well as implementing finance mechanisms for energy efficiency projects

Executive Officers

Pierre Langlois, Eng.


Marc-Antoine Renaud

Senior Vice-President

Michel Méthot, Eng.

Chief Executive Officer, SOFIAC Canada

Stuart Galloway

Vice-President, Ontario and Western Canada, SOFIAC Canada

Stéphane Legentil

Chief Executive Officer, SOFIAC France


SOFIAC develops, manages, and invests in major decarbonization and energy retrofit projects to the benefit of companies in the commercial, industrial, and multi-residential sectors.

The innovative SOFIAC business model enables Canadian businesses to lower their energy costs, achieve their ambitious GHG emission reduction targets, and increase their short, medium, and long-term profitability without making any financial contribution.



Ecofunds Canada

2475, boul. Laurier, suite 250
Quebec city (Quebec) G1T 1C4, Canada
Phone: (418) 692-2592

Ecofunds Europe

28 rue de Londres
75009 Paris, France