Energy Service Company Market Analysis for the Retail Sector

EXPERTISE : , Energy Performance Contracting /Facilitation of project implementation
SECTOR : , Commercial


GreenYellow (Groupe Casino)/GreenYellow do Brasil Energia e Serviço


project description

GreenYellow is a subsidiary of Groupe Casino, one of the world’s foremost food retailers. It was created in 2007 to install photovoltaic (PV) systems on store roofs and parking lot shade structures in France and abroad.

GreenYellow’s other key mission is to optimize energy efficiency in Groupe Casino operations. Groupe Casino’s worldwide energy bill totals EUR 300 million and contains substantial untapped savings opportunities. Being responsible for the energy purchases of the whole Groupe, GreenYellow has developed in-depth expertise in this area. The subsidiary formalizes its approach through energy performance contracts (EPCs) with stores, under which it guarantees a 15 to 25% reduction in energy use after renovations, primarily for refrigerated display cases and lighting. This helps limit stores’ environmental impacts and supports the longer-term objective of energy self‑sufficiency. In 2014, GreenYellow expanded operations to Colombia, and more recently to Brazil.

In that year, GreenYellow approached Econoler, due to its extensive knowledge about the energy services company (ESCO) market in Brazil, to perform a market assessment. In 2019, GreenYellow do Brasil approached Econoler to update the ESCO market assessment.


Econoler was assigned to support GreenYellow in drafting a competitive and positioning analysis that would look into competition on the Brazilian market. The objective of the assignment was to add and refine arguments demonstrating GreenYellow’s highly interesting positioning for major retail customers (i.e. supermarket or hypermarket) in Brazil.

In 2019, GreenYellow do Brasil mandated Econoler to perform a similar assessment considering that the company had gained significant experience in the Brazilian market. However, the ESCO market had also evolved over that time. Therefore, Econoler provided GreenYellow do Brasil with a new perspective on their services in the current ESCO market.

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