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Energy Efficiency Project in the West African Industrial Sector

EXPERTISE : , Energy Performance Contracting
SECTOR : , Public


Ministère Développement durable, Environnement et Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MDDELCC)


projeCt Description

Under the Programme de coopération climatique internationale (PCCI) established by the Government of Quebec, Econoler, in partnership with the ECOWAS Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE), has been granted a subsidy to implement the projet d’efficacité énergétique dans le secteur industriel (PEEI) in French countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

The project aims to accelerate the development of the energy efficiency market in the industrial sector of eight French countries in the sub-region through awareness-raising and capacity building activities among key stakeholders. The project also aims to establish pilot projects for the implementation of energy management systems based on the ISO 50001 standard in selected industries. Developing the energy efficiency market in the West African context is important because it will help abate final energy consumption in the industrial sector, which is expected to increase from 16 percent in 2012 to 33 percent by 2040 according to International Energy Agency (IEA) projections.



Components 1 and 2 of the ongoing project allow raising awareness and reinforcing capacity among key stakeholders in the public and private sectors of the selected countries, as well as providing them with technical tools to foster the EE market in French West Africa. Under Component 3 of the project, Econoler is conducting energy audits as part of pilot projects in four manufacturing companies to reinforce their capacity to structure and install energy management systems based on ISO 50001. The manufacturing companies have been selected from the food-processing, construction material and assembling machinery subsectors, as well as the pharmaceutical and automobile industries.

Ongoing activities under the PEEI contribute to achieving three main immediate objectives:

  • Objective 1: Reinforce the capacity of policymakers and other key stakeholders in the industrial sector by elaborating and implementing incentive policies to foster the adoption of energy management good practices based on the ISO 50001 international standard and the use of energy performance contracts (EPCs).
  • Objective 2: Train private-sector actors in the establishment of energy service companies (ESCOs), the use of EPCs, as well as the measurement and verification of EE measures.
  • Objective 3: Ensure that energy audits are conducted and pilot energy management system projects based on ISO 50001 are installed at the four companies.
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