Assistance in design preparation and technical supervision of public building constructions

EXPERTISE : , Energy Performance Contracting /Design
SECTOR : , Public


PNUD/UNDP Kyrgyzstan


project description

Almost every building in Kyrgyzstan was built during the Soviet era without any regard to energy efficiency. In 2009, these buildings had become obsolete and no longer provided for a healthful, comfortable indoor environment. Moreover, the energy use per square metre was almost 3 to 5 times that of equivalent buildings in EU nations.

In early 2009, the UNDP and the State Agency of Architecture and Construction of the Kyrgyz Republic launched a new project entitled “Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings.” This four-year effort, funded by the Global Environment Facility, aimed to reduce energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions in the Kyrgyzstan building sector by 30% to 40%.


Econoler was commissioned to assist UNDP staff and a team of national experts in preparing designs for two new highly energy-efficient school buildings. Furthermore, Econoler had to provide technical supervision over the construction process of the abovementioned buildings. These designs were intended to demonstrate cost-effective energy-efficient design and technology solutions for replication in other public buildings across Kyrgyzstan.

To fulfil its mandate, Econoler had to:

  • Conduct presentations on international best practices in the design of energy-efficient public buildings for national experts, UNDP staff and government representatives.
  • Deliver and discuss documentation from actual energy-efficient public buildings embodying the desired design approach and technology with team of national experts and UNDP staff.
  • Establish technical selection criteria for demonstration measures with the involvement of national experts, UNDP staff and government experts.
  • Draw up technical recommendations on pilot measures implemented including estimates of incremental costs and energy savings.
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