Argentina and Paraguay

Technical Assistance for EE Projects in Buildings and the Public Lighting Sector

EXPERTISE : , Energy Efficiency and DSM Programs
SECTOR : , Utilities, Public


Inter-American Development Bank




Under the framework of promoting EE activities in the buildings sector, the IDB wished to obtain the support of a consultancy to analyze the feasibility of introducing EE measures in the IDB corporate building located in Asunción, Paraguay as well as in the country’s public-sector buildings. More specifically, the IDB wished to analyze the options, costs and schedules necessary to obtain an internationally recognized energy certification, such as EDGE or LEED, for one of these buildings. Furthermore, to promote EE activities in the streetlighting sector, the IDB wished to carry out a critical analysis of the current PPP model developed by the Government of Argentina. In addition, the IDB asked Econoler to participate in an event in Paraguay regarding efficient cooking in the residential sector.


The Econoler mandate was twofold, notably to provide assistance in the buildings sector and in the streetlighting sector. Therefore, the following activities were carried out:

  • Optimization of public buildings in Paraguay
  • Environmental/energy certifications – IDB corporate building: Existing and available certifications were analyzed.
  • Assistance in the streetlighting sector – PPP Argentina: Reviews and analyses of a set of energy sector documents
  • Assistance in the streetlighting sector

Analysis of efficient cooking options in Paraguay: The different options for residential cooking were analyzed, including wood, coal briquets, LPG, and electricity, which led to the conclusion that induction (electric) cooking was the most efficient, economic and environmentally friendly form of cooking for Paraguay. The conclusions of this analysis were presented at an event organized by the IDB on this specific topic.

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