Benin, Senegal and Togo

EE Optimum Strategies to Promote Low Carbon Development in West Africa

EXPERTISE : , Energy Efficiency and DSM Programs, Policy and Institutional and Regulatory Frameworks /Greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies
SECTOR : , Public


International Development Research Centre (IDRC)




The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) funds research in developing countries to promote growth, reduce poverty, and drive large-scale positive change. Econoler has received such funds to lead, in collaboration with African scholars, a research project to discover how and which EE policy decisions help deliver energy justice for women in rural areas of Sub-Saharan African (SSA). Specifically, energy poverty is embedded into this project as a normative framework defined by energy justice (a recent concept in literature, which includes, among other principles, equity, sustainability and accountability). Another objective of this project is to explore how implementing EE measures can benefit both climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts and, therefore, how it can help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


This research project aims to determine how EE policy can improve the socio-economic and environmental conditions of women in SSA countries (Benin, Senegal and Togo). It is being implemented under an interdisciplinary approach combining scholars from the fields of engineering, sociology, economy, gender, and health. This project is carried out in close collaboration with local partners, stakeholders and scholars. Energy research and the field itself will benefit from this project through the formulation of new conceptual and empirical knowledge, while the SSA region will obtain information and know-how to improve the status of energy justice, thus improving the socio-economic situation especially of the most vulnerable groups.

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