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Econoler DSM program evaluation experts participated and presented work at the ACEEE Summer Study (Portland), IEPEC (Denver), and the AESP Summer Conference (Toronto). Jess Burgess presented a Canadian perspective during a panel about national efforts to advance industrial energy efficiency, as part of the Energy Futures Exchange workshop at the Summer Study; and Jillian Mallory presented Econoler’s work evaluating the market transformation impacts of Hydro Québec’s commercial lighting programs at IEPEC. Our experts also had the opportunity to exchange ideas with other leaders in the energy efficiency and DSM program evaluation fields. We also exchanged on several different topics:

  • Evaluation questions for distributed energy resources
  • The increasing potential for non-wires alternatives
  • M&V 2.0 as a progression, not a revolution
  • New strategies to increase response rates for market research
  • The critical role of non-energy benefits in justifying efficiency projects and, increasingly, DSM portfolios
  • Energy efficiency opportunities in cannabis production facilities

We are excited to put these new ideas and approaches to work in our projects with North American DSM programs! Econoler continues to work closely with utilities and energy agencies in planning and evaluating their DSM programs, covering virtually all types of energy efficiency programs in the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial sectors.

Want to learn more? Check the presentation section!

Note for anyone concerned about energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, and airline travel: Econoler is committed to purchasing carbon offsets to mitigate our travel impacts.

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