Econoler is undertaking a new project to provide technical facilitation and support to Natural Resources Canada Greening Government Support Services

Econoler will assist Canadian federal organizations in reducing energy and water consumption as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions in federal buildings to reduce the environmental impact of federal buildings. Thousands of federal buildings have been modernized through this NRCan program while also improving work environments, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and saving millions of dollars. For this project, Econoler will assist Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and Transport Canada (TC) in developing a GHG reduction plan identifying and describing the factors to be considered in achieving a national carbon neutral building portfolio. The TC plan will also include a maximum GHG reduction strategy for the fleet of vehicles (ferries, airplanes, helicopters, road and specialized off-road vehicles). Indeed, emissions from TC vehicles and buildings respectively represent approximately 95% and 5% of the ministry’s emissions. Therefore, Econoler will help ECCC and TC to achieve the GHG reduction targets of both the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy and Greening Government Strategy.


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