Technical Consulting Services for Kosovo Reliable Energy Landscape Project – Design and Implementation of EE and District Heating Improvement Programs


Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)


MCC is working with the Government of Kosovo (GoK) through the Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK) to further develop and subsequently implement the Reliable Energy Landscape Project (RELP). The RELP is aimed at supporting GoK efforts to implement policies that lower energy consumption and energy costs for households.

More specifically, the objective of the project is to reduce the current gap between energy demand and supply by lowering household energy use through investments in energy efficiency (EE), switching to more efficient heating sources, and reducing barriers to independent power producer (IPP) entrants to the market.

The WSP-CPCS-Econoler consortium has been mandated to provide ongoing technical support during the development and implementation of project activities in the energy sector as part of the MCC Threshold agreement with Kosovo. The project also includes district heating system metering activities to test the cost-effectiveness of charging households for the energy they use, which could serve to expand the use such systems and encourage more households to switch to non-electric heat sources.


Econoler is leading the team of experts who are designing the different project activities, including: environmental and social management; sector performance analysis; behaviour, communication and outreach; construction procedures and standards; regulatory and legal aspects; EE; district heating; and finance. All these aspects were taken into account while developing the detailed project design documents and the accompanying terms of references (TORs) to support implementation.


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