Support to the development of the ESCO concept

EXPERTISE : /Start-up assistance to ESCOs /Facilitation of project implementation
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EDP Energia


project description

Econoler was mandated by EDP Energia to provide technical assistance to help them acquire the internal capacity to develop and implement comprehensive energy efficiency projects.

Econoler’s proposed approach ensured a continuous training and capacity building for all skills to be acquired by EDP Energia during the course of the mandate, and provided the necessary support when required. Detailed energy service company (ESCO) methodologies, procedures and tools (except specialized software) have also been provided to EDP Energia.


The methodology used by Econoler comes from its own material and tools that have been developed and improved over the last 20 years in the start-up and operation of its ESCO activities, either through subsidiaries or licensing approaches, or for clients wanting to develop their own ESCO operations. The global approach was adapted to the context of Portugal to reflect its specific business culture. This type of adaptation required the involvement of EDP Energia’s staff in the development of what became EDP Energia’s methodology.

The following modules were covered by Econoler:

  • Review of the ESCO concept.
  • Energy efficiency audits concept, from pre-audit to investment grade audits.
  • Measurement and Verification of project performance.
  • ESCO contractual approaches and project financing.
  • Projects development and risk mitigation strategies.
  • Energy efficiency project marketing strategies.
  • Development of an action plan.
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