Preparation of measurement and verification plans for public buildings and industrial entreprises

EXPERTISE : , Project Implementation /Measurement and Verification (M&V) of performance
SECTOR : , Commercial, Industrial


(ACEE) Agencia Chilena de Eficiencia Energética


Project description

The Agencia Chilena de Eficiencia Energética (AchEE) is responsible for studying, assessing, promoting, disclosing and developing all kinds of initiatives related to the efficient use, diversification and saving of energy.

The AchEE intends to determine the savings associated to each project to help it make better informed decisions when awarding performance contracts to implementation projects proposed by industrial enterprises and the Programa de Eficiencia Energética en Edificios Públicos (Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings Program).


Econoler was mandated to prepare and deliver measurement and verification (M&V) plans for nine projects. The M&V plans were developed based on the IPMVP protocol. To fulfill the mandate, Econoler performed the following activities:

  • Visits to facilities
  • Identification, analysis and classification of relevant information about selected projects, and
  • Development of M&V plans for the projects

Additionally, Econoler worked with the Measurement and Verification Department of the AChEE to ensure both accurate information gathering and proper reception and interpretation of the M&V plans described above.

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