Preliminary Audit of Settat City Street Lighting Network

EXPERTISE : , Project Implementation
SECTOR : , Public


(EBRD/BERD) European Bank of Reconstruction and development

projeCt Description

To assist the City of Settat in its effort to rationalize its street lighting energy consumption and improve the quality of its street lighting, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has undertaken a pre-diagnostic study to:
  • Determine the size of the street-lighting system (light points, electrical cabinets, and network) ;
  • Investigate its state of obsoleteness;
  • Account for energy consumption in kWh and dirhams;
  • Identify energy-saving potential;
  • Determine the overall size of the investment required to upgrade the city’s street-lighting system and reduce its electricity bills.


The mandate consisted of two phases. Phase 1 involved conducting a detailed survey of the public street-lighting network in the Settat urban municipalities. Phase 2 involved conducting an energy audit of the municipalities’ street-lighting network and identifying different scenarios for implementing energy conservation measures, including estimates of savings and required investments. The mandate also included a capacity-building component, which provided specific training on energy auditing and efficient technologies to all Settat municipalities’ operations and maintenance staff.
Econoler was mandated to perform the following activities:
  • Conduct a street-lighting network survey
  • Identify energy conservation measures for the street-lighting network
  • Conduct an energy audit and propose the most technically feasible and financially viable scenario
  • Provide training on how to conduct energy auditing and M&V
  • Raise stakeholders’ EE awareness by presenting efficient technologies applicable to street-lighting networks
  • Conduct capacity-building among the municipalities’ O&M staff


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