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Evaluation of the Integrated Offer for Industrial Systems Energy Efficiency (OIEESI) Program

EXPERTISE : , Energy Efficiency and DSM Programs
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projeCt Description

As part of its Energy Efficiency Plan, Hydro-Québec launched the Integrated Offer for Industrial Systems Energy Efficiency (OIEÉSI) Program in 2011. This major program was created to reduce the energy consumption of the facilities, processes and electromechanical systems of its industrial customers that are small and medium industries (SMI) as well as large industries (LI). The program is intended for both existing and new buildings, and comprises six separate components.

Two program components are aimed at identifying energy-saving measures (analysis support):

  • Electricity Consumption Analysis
  • Continuous Measurement and Electricity Management

The four other components offer financial assistance for measures implementation (investment support):

  • Prescriptive Measures
  • New Plant, Expansion or Addition of Production Lines
  • Technology Demonstration
  • Retrofit

Hydro-Québec must work with independent experts to assess the end results of its energy efficiency programs.


Hydro-Québec has mandated Econoler to evaluate its OIEÉSI Program for the first three years of implementation (2011, 2012 and 2013). Given the wide range of components, customers and building types, Econoler had to use varied and complex evaluation methods.
The mandate included a process evaluation, a market evaluation and an impact assessment, which involved the following tasks:
  • Met with the program managers and stakeholders.
  • Analyzed and processed program documentation and databases.
  • Developed collection tools, such as sampling plans, questionnaires, interview guides and visit protocols.
  • Collected data through surveys conducted with participating and non-participating industries as well as with those whose project had been turned down or abandoned.
  • Collected data through in-depth interviews with business and technical partners, and using the Delphi method.
  • Validated the certification process of the Prescriptive Measures component with a sample of 35 certified projects.
  • Checked projects within the Prescriptive Measures component that had not been certified by Hydro-Québec through 30 site visits.
  • Verified projects and measurement protocols within the Retrofit and New Plant, Expansion or Addition of Production Lines components with a sample of 65 projects.
  • Reviewed economic calculations made for all projects implemented as part of the Electricity Consumption Analysis component.
  • Carried out an accurate evaluation of the combined and cross effects through a literature review and site visits.
  • Validated the baselines of the Prescriptive Measures and New Plant, Expansion or Addition of Production Lines components.
  • Calculated the program’s gross and net energy impacts for the 2011-2013 period.
The OIEÉSI Program evaluation carried out by Econoler led to the baseline review of two program components, the measurement of various distorting effects (free ridership, free drivership and spillover) and finding ways to improve performance.


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