Empower Pakistan: energy efficiency and capacity

EXPERTISE : , Energy Performance Contracting
SECTOR : , Commercial, Public, Residential, Utilities


International Resources Group (IRG)


projeCt Description

The Energy Efficiency and Capacity (EEC) project is a three-year effort funded by USAID and implemented by IRG. The EEC project will improve the power supply situation in Pakistan by reducing losses and lowering demand. The EEC project will support PEPCO, the Ministry of Water and Power, the National Energy Conservation Centre as well as individual electricity distribution companies in Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Peshawar and Quetta to reduce theft and leakage in distribution networks. The EEC project will also help businesses, households and farmers understand and invest in energy-efficient equipment and operations.

The goal of the EEC project is to improve power availability, affordability, conservation and efficiency to sustain Pakistan’s economic growth. USAID/Pakistan plans to accomplish this by promoting an energy efficiency and conservation program in the commercial, residential and public sectors. USAID/Pakistan will also build the capacity of government agencies involved in the energy power sector to design and implement integrated energy initiatives and sustain Pakistan’s growth.


This project included the following tasks:

  • conduct an evaluation of ESCOs in Pakistan. Identify firms which had experience in energy auditing and which had the potential of  becoming ESCOs;
  • select, through competition, ESCOs which had the capacity to provide energy efficiency and conservation services to local private and state‑owned industries;
  • conduct extensive training sessions in Pakistan intended for both managerial and technical staff of selected ESCOs;
  • propose cost-sharing estimates and plan that would maximize assisted ESCO commitment;
    work with selected ESCOs and develop action plans for each of the 15 selected industries to help them become more energy-efficient;
  • provide advisory services to support a pilot program which aimed to develop energy-efficient tube well pumps and assess the potential for ESCO involvement in the agricultural sector of Pakistan.
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