EE promotion in the industrial sector

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As one of the most energy-intensive countries of Europe and Central Asia and a large Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emitter, Uzbekistan, through its government, considered energy conservation as one of its top national priorities.

There was wide consensus in Uzbekistan that the implementation of energy-saving measures would be significant in the abatement of GHG emissions. In addition, it was expected that improving Energy Efficiency (EE) in this sector would help enhance the overall competitiveness of the national economy, free scarce energy resources and reduce GHG emissions.

In 2010, the Republic of Uzbekistan received a loan from the IDA for the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Facility for Industrial Enterprises Project (UZEEF). The main objective of this wide initiative was to design and establish financing mechanisms for promoting energy-saving investments in the industrial sector. However, beforehand, it was required to develop a comprehensive EE strategy for industrial enterprises in order to proficiently launch the UZEEF project and prepare for a large scale-up at national level.


The Uzbek Ministry of Economy, responsible for EE in Uzbekistan, mandated Econoler for support in developing a national EE strategy for the industrial sector.

More specifically, Econoler’s team of consultants:

  • Conducted a comprehensive survey of the Uzbek industrial sector. Through this activity, Econoler collected information on enterprises’ structures, profitability, ownership, in-use technologies and processes, along with production and energy consumption data. This thorough study helped identify the level of awareness toward energy conservation and demand management as well as potential barriers to EE improvement.
  • Drew up an EE handbook for key industrial sectors. Based on the outcomes of the industrial survey, Econoler identified the industries with the highest energy savings potential.
  • Developed an EE strategy for Uzbek industrial enterprises. This task involved conducting a review of the existing EE legislation framework and of local, regional and international best practices.

Econoler’s project fostered the successful implementation of the UZEEF project in the targeted industrial sectors. Finally, the developed EE strategy contributed to increasing economy competitiveness as well as reducing energy wastage and GHG emissions.



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