Energy-efficiency Portfolio Design for the Brazilian Electricity Distributor CELESC

EXPERTISE : , Financing Mechanisms and Fund Management
SECTOR : , Public


Agence française de développement (AFD)



project description

CELESC has to invest in energy efficiency, demand reduction, and renewable energy, but also faces significant constraints regarding program funding structures and eligibility. AFD sought international energy program design expertise to enhance the effectiveness of CELESC’s energy-efficiency investments. Econoler was hired by AFD to carry out the following major activities:

  • Performing a jurisdictional scan of energy and demand-saving programs in France and other countries;
  • Designing a portfolio of energy-efficiency program concepts;

Providing recommendations for partnerships, education and capacity-building.



Econoler conducted a jurisdictional scan of five leading energy-efficiency program administrators with jurisdictional characteristics similar to Santa Catarina in Canada, France, Switzerland and the US. Econoler’s experts obtained ideas and insights about early-stage program concepts from the scan and worked with CELESC’s staff to narrow these down to a smaller set of programs that were closely aligned with CELESC’s priorities and regulatory obligations.

The portfolio of new program concepts that Econoler developed covered energy information and behaviour change for the low-income residential sector, the industrial sector’s strategic energy management, solar power generation with battery storage, and local cooperation and capacity-building. Econoler’s experts performed program benchmarking, and provided design and delivery recommendations, as well as analyses of energy savings, demand reductions, and program costs. Econoler also defined the annual budget as well as a detailed timeline by 2023 for CELESC to carry out those programs. The portfolio provided a road map for the next generation of energy-saving and demand-management strategies for CELESC.

Econoler provided a framework for a technical cooperation program for AFD to support CELESC in developing and implementing its 2019-2023 efficiency program portfolio, including the structure, team composition, budget and timeline.


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