Workshops on ESCO policies of APEC asian countries

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APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation


project description

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) decided that the development of energy service companies (ESCOs) could be one of the important components of the energy efficiency (EE) strategy of some of its member economies.


Econoler was mandated to participate in two workshops with representatives from Japan, China, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, Chile, the United States and Malaysia. The objective of the workshops was to share information on support policies relating to ESCOs in each of the participating countries and discuss the best international experience regarding support to ESCOs.

The first workshop held in Bangkok and was devoted to information exchange and identifying intervention methods of different governments to support or create their ESCO industry.

The second workshop conducted in Taipei allowed the participating economies to discuss the results of their reflection and their guidelines following the conclusions of the first workshop. Individual working sessions among the participating countries and international consultants were conducted to optimize the invention plans of different countries.

The outcomes of the two workshops helped the member economies develop realistic action plans based on the best international practices for creating ESCOs.

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