United Arab Emirates

Energy Performance Contract Tendering Technical Assistance

EXPERTISE : , Energy Performance Contracting
SECTOR : , Services d’utilité publique, Public


University of Sharjah


project description

The University of Sharjah (UoS) is one of the most important higher-education institutions in the United Arab Emirates. Over the years, the UoS benefited from free electricity from the local utility based on its institutional status. In the context of energy sector reform in the Emirate of Sharjah, the utility was authorized to charge the UoS a fair price for electricity consumed. This resulted in a new multi-million-dollar annual charge (over USD 20 million). This new cost prompted the UoS to analyze different energy management options. Based on research, the UoS decided to reduce costs by implementing a large-scale deep retrofit across all its facilities and adopt an approach based on energy performance contracting (EPC). Since this was the first such large-scale project in Sharjah, the UoS was looking for highly skilled professionals to help develop and support project implementation.


Econoler was hired to provide support to the UoS in both designing a request for proposals (RFP) process and negotiating a contract with the selected energy service company (ESCO). More specifically, Econoler performed the following tasks:

  • Analyzed the best approach to outsourcing the technical implementation of the initiative as well as structuring the financing requirement
  • Provide support for the EPC-tendering process
  • Review the proposals received and help with contract negotiations


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