Support to a Roadmap for Designing and Piloting an Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC) Scheme

EXPERTISE : /Development of national programs
SECTOR : , Public


The World Bank

Project description

Within the framework of the World Bank Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) global partnership, Argentina developed a Market Readiness Proposal (MRP). The objective of the MRP is to evaluate the feasibility of implementing carbon pricing instruments (CPIs) in the country, outline Argentina’s roadmap thereof and market readiness components, as well as the timeline and budget required for implementation. The assignment of Econoler corresponds to Task 2 of the PMR Argentina Project components and is aimed at presenting the policy context and mitigation potential for energy efficiency in the country and a roadmap for designing and piloting an Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC) scheme as a CPI.


The main objective of this technical assistance is to develop a study that will inform the Bank’s dialogue with the Government and discuss potential ways and options to address an EEC scheme to promote the rational use of energy and national GHG mitigation actions.

Econoler is conducting the study by focusing on four strategic objectives:

  • Draft a proposal for an EEC scheme;
  • Propose an institutional set-up for implementing the scheme;
  • Develop a roadmap for the implementation of the scheme;
  • Strengthen the capacity of national policymakers.

Thanks to this project, the Argentinian government will be able to take an informed decision on launching an EEC scheme as part of its strategy to reduce the country’s energy consumption and GHG emissions.

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