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RETSCREEN® training and certification

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Energy Efficiency Practitionners of the Philippines Inc.


project description

The RETScreen® clean energy project analysis software is a unique decision support tool recognized worldwide. It is used by over 275,000 professionals with the contribution of numerous experts from the government, industry and academia. The software is provided free of charge and can be used to evaluate the energy production, costs, emission reductions, financial viability and risks for various types of Renewable energy and Energy-efficient Technologies (RETs).


Econoler was mandated by various organizations to provide trainings on the use of RETScreen, namely introductory courses to the software, advanced training on the use of RETScreen and various sessions on the international scene for the World Bank Group.

Furthermore, Econoler developed the Certified in the Use of RETScreen (CRU) program to identify and recognize professionals who successfully passed the RETScreen examination.

Econoler carried out the following tasks for the implementation of the training in the use of RETScreen:

  • Designed and developed the training material;
  • Coordinated the translation of the training material.
  • Assessed client needs and tailored the trainings for each group of attendees.
  • Trained the trainers.
  • Oversaw the activities of the certification committee.
  • Supervised the activities and logistics of the training and certification programs, on its own or in collaboration with local partners.
  • Processed application forms and followed up on the certification process.
  • Delivered the training session and the certification program.
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