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Report on a Port Development Projects Avoided GreenHouse Gas Emissions

EXPERTISE : /Evaluation
SECTOR : , Transport, Services d’utilité publique


Groupe Océan


In February 2011, Econoler quantified the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions of two projects implemented by Groupe Océan at the Montreal port. The first project involved developing a berth in Section 104 and the second project involved installing an electricity supply system for berthed tugboats. On the basis of the projections of the site operation, Econoler established these two projects’ total annual GHG emission reduction at 825 t CO2eq.

The estimate of the avoided GHG emissions was made for the purpose of obtaining subsidies as part of the assistance program run by Quebec Province’s Ministry of Transport. Financed by the Green Fund earmarked by Quebec’s provincial government, this program (PREGTI) is aimed at reducing or avoiding GHG emissions by implementing intermodal projects in marine and rail transport.


In this context, Groupe Océan asked Econoler to carry out the following tasks:

  • Updating the data estimated in 2011 by incorporating actual data regarding the period evaluated (from December 1, 2013 through November 2014).
  • Verifying the reliability of (1) the data collected through a site visit and (2) the methodology used by referencing the ISO 14064-3 standard.

The berth development in Section 104 allowed reducing GHG emissions by 329 t CO2eq per year over the evaluated period.

The installation of the electricity supply system for berthed tugboats allowed reducing GHG emissions by 496 t CO2eq per year. These two projects achieved 825 t CO2eq in total annual GHG emission reduction.

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