The Asian Development Bank (ADB)


project description

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is implementing a comprehensive project to help improve EE in street lighting and buildings in Vietnam. The project’s main goals are (1)  to improve the national legislation governing energy performance contracting and public-private partnerships and (2) to develop and implement pilot and demonstration projects in some cities and provinces to build capacity and develop a market for EE products and services. Econoler is serving as the technical advisor for the ADB to help accomplish these two goals. To successfully fulfill this assignment, Econoler will apply its extensive experience in street-lighting EE and EE financing and its rich knowledge of the Vietnamese market and institutions.

faits saillants

To fulfill this assignment, Econoler is to carry out the following main tasks:

  • Making a technical analysis of Vietnam’s national street-lighting and EE regulations.
  • Developing the terms of reference for bids and tenders recruiting domestic and international firms to not only provide the needed support for the development of the regulations but also help address the financial and regulatory barriers to energy performance contracting.
  • Building national and local capacity to apply the appropriate methodologies and best practices for improving EE in street-lighting and public buildings.
  • Providing technical advice and input as required.

With Econoler’s assistance, the ADB is expected to be able to not only successfully complete this project but also lay a strong foundation for implementing a larger project by expanding the scope of activities to more provinces and cities in order to tap significant emission reduction potential with potential funding from the Global Climate Fund (over 100 million USD).

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