Project design document small-scale wind power farm project

EXPERTISE : /Facilitation of project implementation
SECTOR : , Public


The World Bank


project description

The National Administration of Electricity Generation and Transport of Uruguay (UTE), a public utility based company, intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Uruguay by grid-connected electricity generation from wind power.

UTE project consisted of implementing a 10 MW wind farm at Caracoles Hills in Maldonado, Uruguay, and to connect it to the national electric grid. The electricity exported by the wind farm displaces electricity produced by the existing combination of hydroelectric and thermal generators.

The World Bank is in charge of the preparation of the documentation for the project registration with the UNFCCC Executive Board and has requested that a consultant’s technical assistance. Renewable energy production using wind power is eligible for CDM according to UNFCCC rules (Sectoral Scope 1).


Econoler was mandated to develop the Project Design Document (PDD) and the Operational Monitoring Plan (OMP). The main activities included in the development of the PDD were to:

  • Prepare and develop the PDD following the approved AMS-ID methodology.
  • Establish the baseline scenario and calculate the emission factor for the electricity sector.
  • Establish the most likely project scenario and justify the additionality.
  • Prepare an Operational Monitoring Plan in consultation with UTE.
  • Prepare other elements in the PDD including documentation concerning stakeholder involvement and feedback, Environmental Management Plan, crediting period, etc.
  • Provide support during the validation process.
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