Preparation of an Assessment and Feasibility Study for the Green Housing Program (VIVE)

EXPERTISE : , Project Implementation
SECTOR : , Résidentiel


Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), represented by the German Development Bank (KfW)

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project Description:

Many governments and regional institutions, including the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), have identified a shortage in proper housing in terms of quality and quantity, which is seen as an important problem in Central America. The CABEI is willing to contribute resources to achieve the goals established in the Central American Strategy for Housing and Human Settlements (ECVHA by its Spanish acronym) and in its own Institutional Strategy 2020-2024. Given the ambitious plans of the CABEI to promote sustainable standards in the construction of houses for medium and low-income families, the KfW mandated Econoler to perform a feasibility study (formulation of the project) for the Green Housing and Buildings Program for Central America (VIVE by its Spanish acronym) to be implemented by the CABEI. This program is developed in the context of the current regional situations and under the framework of the CABEI Central American Housing and Sustainable Habitat Development Program (VIDHAS by its Spanish acronym).

Description of services:

Econoler is performing the following tasks:

  • Deepen sectorial assessments by country and at the regional level: Any information required to carry out the remaining project tasks and effectively design the VIVE Program was collected through reviews of documents, interviews, and workshops.
  • Carry out technical, economic, social, and environmental feasibility studies: The assessments carried out are being put in context with the specific aim of designing the VIVE Program and validating its feasibility, analyzing the energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water consumption reduction measures as well as the risks and mitigation actions related to building projects, and establishing recommendations to be implemented to improve the VIVE Program.
  • Formulate the VIVE Program: A standard base structure will be established to be originated from and adapted to the specific conditions of each country by developing the following: Applicable sustainability criteria and related costs, financial conditions and proposals, necessary capacities at the CABEI, technical assistance design, a regional program proposal and another version in the concept note format of the Green Climate Fund.
  • Design the Program Implementation Manual, Operations Manual, and the technological tool for the certification of projects.

Thanks to the work of Econoler, the CABEI will be able to implement and operate the VIVE Program in all seven target countries to promote sustainable residential buildings in Central America.

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