Performing a study tour and training for ESCO employees

EXPERTISE : , Energy Performance Contracting
SECTOR : , Industrial


POE Miejskie Przedsiebiorstwo Oszczedzania Energii ESCO Sp. Z.o.o.



The Municipal District Heating Enterprise S.A. in Kraków (MPEC S.A. KRAKÓW), acting on behalf of ESCO Energy Saving Company, Ltd. (POE ESCO Sp. z.o.o.), was in charge of organizing and overseeing proceedings with respect to the selection of a trainer for four POE ESCO employees in a similar company outside of Poland. Therefore, MPEC S.A. KRAKÓW invited companies dealing with ESCO activities to bid in the preparation of a study tour and training within their respective country.

This selection process was carried out within the framework of the Poland Krakow Global Environment Facility (GEF) Energy Efficiency Project TF 054104. Training was expected to include the sharing of experiences on marketing, financing, law, and technology with respect to ESCO type activities within the bidder’s country.


Econoler welcomed experts from POE ESCO for a three-day study tour at its head office in Quebec City, Canada.
Activities in this study tour included:
  • Formal training at Econoler’s head office on ESCO subjects such as:
    • ESCO marketing aspects;
    • energy efficiency project financing;
    • various legal structures;
    • technology related experiences concerning ESCO type activities in Canada as well in several other countries.
  • Meeting with Ecosystem, another ESCO in Canada, to discuss the following topics:
    • client approaches;
    • marketing strategies;
    • Contractual approaches.

Visiting the Agence de l’efficacité énergétique of Quebec, the provincial energy efficiency agency, to better understand the context in which energy saving projects are implemented in Quebec and to serve as an opportunity to exchange on the public sector’s approaches to ESCO services.

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