Czech Republic

Market study on joint implementation opportunities

EXPERTISE : /Facilitation of project implementation
SECTOR : , Public


Ministry of Foreign Affairs


project description

The mission of the CDM & JI Office is to strengthen capacities of Canadian enterprises to allow them developing and implementing CDM and JI projects.

In this context, the CDM& JI Office carried out market studies to highlight the opportunities existing throughout the world. These studies helped the CDM & JI Office to answer to questions frequently asked by enterprises interested in the development and implementation of JI projects and helped also these latter in their research efforts.


The CDM and JI Office of Canada mandated Econoler to develop a market study on opportunities to develop joint implementation projects in the Czech Republic.
The study included the following elements:
  • The country’s policy related to JI.
  • The country’s experience with AIJ (if any).
  • The regulatory framework and economic environment (looking both at investment risk and potential domestic funding of JI projects).
  • The country’s capacity to assess and evaluate JI project proposals.
  • Indication of sectoral or regional opportunities for JI projects.
  • Identification of specific JI project opportunities.
  • Identification of the reduction/sequestration potential (tons/year and total cumulative tons).
  • List of contacts, particularly the focal point for JI in the country.

After this, a market study was published.

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