Lebanon , Albania , Egypt , Georgia , Serbia , Turkey , Kosovo

Market Assessment of Energy Savings Potential of Generators

EXPERTISE : , Energy Performance Contracting /Opportunity studies
SECTOR : , Utilities


FIM- Finance in Motion GmbH

PROJECT description

The mission of the Green for Growth Fund Southeast Europe (GGF) is to contribute to enhancing energy efficiency (EE) and fostering renewable energy (RE) in GGF target regions through the provision of dedicated financing to businesses and households and support its partner institutions to better understand the potential of EE/RE financing and to discover areas in which their clients could achieve energy savings or CO2 emission reductions.

Target countries endure unstable and unreliable energy supply which requires facilities to rely on standalone inefficient generators either as back-up to the grid or as an off-grid solution. Thus, GGF identified a new source of potential EE projects pipeline to be financed and hired Econoler to research and assess the potential energy savings and CO2 emissions reductions of replacing retrofitted diesel generators by more efficient equipment or hybrid/RE-based systems.


Under the mandate, Econoler carried out the following tasks in each target country:

  • Surveyed vendors and owners to obtain an overview of the technical and general contexts of generators (ex: existing options; new products), as well as the commercial sector aspects thereof;
  • Assessed the market size of diesel generators and identified total generators in use, average age, type of usage (time and frequency), type of fuel used, etc.;
  • Developed a baseline to identify potential energy savings and CO2 emissions reductions;
  • Identified baseline data through the use of a ratio of reference index and developed an input data spreadsheet;
  • Defined technical options most likely to meet the GGF Investment Guidelines of attaining a minimum of 15% in savings.

The study provided GGF with valuable technical data on a niche market for which very little information previously existed. GGF was thus capable of making informed decisions on the viability of providing dedicated financing for the replacement of generators in these countries.



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