Evaluation of the Energy Sector Framework 2012-2016

EXPERTISE : /Evaluation
SECTOR : , Commercial, Industrial


Ernst & Young (EY)

project description

The AFD uses a reference document entitled Energy Sector Framework (CIS: Cadre d’Intervention Sectoriel Energie) which outlines how the institution orients activities in the energy sector over a period of three to five years based on identified needs and stakes in the region the AFD covers. This public document presents the AFD’s financial and operational strategy and defines not only the services for and positioning in, but also its approach to the energy sector.
Recently, the State and AFD concluded an agreement that mandates the latter to systematically assess a wider scope of sectors to which the CIS is currently applied. This activity should result in a greater appreciation of how implemented strategies perform in financial and non-financial operations (policy discussions, studies and research, partnerships, etc.).


Econoler has been mandated to participate in the evaluation of the CIS 2012-2016 in preparation for the next edition of the document. This project aims to provide answers on the pertinence of the strategic position and objectives outlined in the CIS, its adaptability to evolving contexts, efficiency both as a steering tool and in terms of yielding results. The evaluation must also contribute to improving the use of financial tools and follow-up on the results of actions in line with CIS objectives. Throughout this mandate, Econoler carries out the following activities:

  • Elaborate a methodology to evaluate the CIS 2012-2016 on the basis of discourse, strategy, intervention portfolio and results;
  • Evaluate the CIS 2012-2016 strategy and discourse according to the following criteria: pertinence; internal coherence; external coherence; implementation rate; efficiency; and impact;
  • Review the energy sector and how it evolves over time, with particular attention to energy efficiency and energy access;
  • Analyze both the existing project portfolio under the CIS and project coherence with CIS objectives, including a study of approximately 10 AFD projects;
  • Compare AFD strategies to other financial backers in terms of financial and operational tools, as well as sector development policies;
  • Conduct interviews, including two on-site missions, to confirm the conclusions of the document review;
  • Formulate recommendations in preparation for the next edition of the document.

The project will permit the AFD to improve future strategies both according to how the energy sector evolves and in accordance with international good practices.

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