Global Study on New Energy Efficient Technologies and Energy Services

EXPERTISE : , Energy Efficiency and DSM Programs
SECTOR : , Industriel, Public, Résidentiel


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH



project description

The German Development Agency (GIZ) and the Agence Nationale pour la Maîtrise de l’Energie (ANME) launched the Appui à la Promotion de l’Efficacité Energétique en Tunisie (APEET) project to support State efforts in reducing GHG emissions and developing the EE sector.

A study project entitled Etude globale sur les nouvelles technologies d’efficacité énergétique (EE) et les services énergétiques is a component of the APEET project, which will serve to disseminate new EE technologies and establish new EE services in the Tunisian industrial and building sectors. Econoler has been mandated to conduct this study.



The mandate consists of the following tasks:

  • Analyze the policy, regulatory and incentive frameworks of Tunisia;
  • Assess the main existing energy efficient technologies in the Tunisian industrial and buildings sectors;
  • Assess the EE services offered and the main achievements in the Tunisian industrial and buildings sectors;
  • Analyze the Tunisian market: strengths and weaknesses;
  • Identify the EE technologies currently available in international markets that are supported by governments and EE agencies under the auspices of support mechanisms (programs);
  • Identify the services habitually deployed to support the penetration of efficient technologies or good energy management practices in international markets;
  • Prepare specification sheets on the technologies and services that are retained due to the pertinence to the Tunisian market;
  • Identify support mechanisms for the adoption of new EE technologies and services that are proven at the international level and of interest to Tunisia;
  • Propose recommendations on the technologies and services to be promoted and reinforced in Tunisia.

At the end of the mandate, Tunisia will be able to reinforce and develop the EE sector through technologies and services in the Tunisian industrial and buildings sectors based on Econoler’s recommendations.

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