Saudi Arabia

Energy efficiency implementation plan

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The World Bank


project description

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia entered into a technical cooperation agreement with the World Bank Group relative to activities carried out in the building sector.

This agreement included not only developing energy efficiency initiatives, but also supporting their implementation in the residential and institutional sectors. Furthermore, the agreement included training and knowledge transfer components relative to renewable solar energy cooling systems. The World Bank set up a team of experts from various fields, including a specialist from Econoler.


Econoler’s mandate was to meet with various stakeholders from the government, research institute and private sectors to identify, analyze and develop the main components of an energy efficiency initiative and create a plan for implementing future technical assistance activities. Thus, the World Bank organized a mission to Riyadh to conduct the following activities:

  • Review basic information on national trends, energy consumption and key sectors;
  • Meet with Ministry of Water an Electricity representatives to discuss the action plan’s components;
  • Meet with key market stakeholders including ministries, institutions and other players of Saudi Arabia’s energy sector;
  • Visit typical sites to identify main energy uses and energy efficiency potential;
  • Design the technical assistance plan;
  • Validate with government stakeholders the components to be developed;
  • Select buildings, sites and regions that could host energy-efficiency improvement;
  • Lay out objectives, content and deadlines for each confirmed energy efficiency activity;
  • Prepare budgets for each initiative.

Pursuant to the mission, the Econoler specialist participated in writing the final mission report, which included various recommendations. Integration with other components of the project aimed at energy production, transport and distribution facilities.

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