Guyana , Barbados , Bahamas , Haiti , Jamaica , Suriname

Energy efficiency for Caribbean water and sanitation companies

EXPERTISE : , Energy Performance Contracting /Design /Energy management systems
SECTOR : , Industrial


IADB – Inter American Development Bank


project description

With few exceptions, Caribbean countries are net energy importers and therefore highly dependent upon fuel imports. Recent trends in fuel and natural gas prices have increased the energy cost base for energy importing Caribbean countries, which in turn has affected their economies. Water and sanitation utilities are faced with the increasing demand of a growing population. Moreover, most utilities suffer from a number of interrelated institutional and physical weaknesses, including dilapidated physical infrastructure, high water loss, and low levels of energy efficiency.

As part of this effort, the IDB launched a consultancy to improve supply-side energy efficiency (EE) and reduce energy costs for the water and sanitation sector in the Caribbean. Econoler and Alliance To Save Energy have conducted a study to provide the major water and sanitation companies of the Country Department Caribbean (CCB) Country Group with an action plan to increase EE, develop a general methodology to help these companies assess the efficiency of their installations, and identify the most suitable technologies and best practices available as a referral tool.


The mandate consisted of the following activities:
  •   Identify existing energy efficiency studies on the CCB’s water and sanitation sector.
  •  Develop energy efficiency programs in beneficiary countries including capacity building, EE audits and evaluations, as well as recommendations for water plant maintenance.
  •  Develop an energy efficiency action plan for each water and sanitation operator.
  •  Develop a methodology to help water companies self-assess the efficiency of their installations and identify the most suitable technologies and best practices available as a reference tool.
  •  Organise a Regional Workshop to disseminate the results of the technical cooperation as well as facilitate exchanges among water and sanitation companies concerning their experiences.
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