Equality for Women in Gonaives – Clean Energy and Waste Management

EXPERTISE : , Project Implementation /Energy strategies and energy management master plans
SECTOR : , Public


Global Affairs Canada

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project description

Global Affairs Canada is financing a waste collection and management project in Gonaives, Haiti. The project is being implemented by Biothermica, a local partner already involved in waste collection in Gonaives, in partnership with Bioénergie Haïti (BEH). Biothermica partnered with Econoler to benefit from its expertise in the field of energy and how it relates to social inclusion and gender equality to ensure that a gender perspective is included in the project. The main objective is to establish a strategy to mitigate existing inequalities between women/girls and men/boys in the waste collection sector.



Under this mandate, Econoler is carrying out the following tasks:

  • Conduct a gender-based benchmarking assessment. The first phase of the project is to collect gender equality data by reviewing existing literature and carrying out a field mission. The following indicators will be measured for both women and men: the role of gender in the value chain (including households); the distribution of low and high-income jobs in the value chain; the impacts of formalising the waste sector; the level of exposure to health risks linked to waste, etc.;
  • Develop equality and diversity tools for BEH. Econoler will conduct an internal analysis of the BEH organisational structure to evaluate the power dynamics between women and men, gender representation in the hierarchy, as well as roles and duties.;
  • Provide ad hoc recommendations on the development and structure of external programs to be implemented by BEH, including the establishment of a gender-sensitive hiring program for vulnerable persons living near the uncontrolled landfill in the community.

In accordance with Global Affairs Canada requirements and the Feminist International Assistance Policy of Canada, this mandate and approach will serve to not only ensure that a gender perspective is considered throughout the process of implementing the waste collection and management project, but also contribute to improving the gender equality situation in Gonaives.


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