Kingdom of Bahrain

Development of a Tool to Provide Energy Efficiency Ratings for New Buildings

EXPERTISE : , Energy Performance Contracting /Facilitation of project implementation /Formation
SECTOR : , Commercial, Résidentiel, Public, Services d’utilité publique


Electricity and Water Authority (EWA)

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project description

The Kingdom of Bahrain, through the Electricity & Water Conservation Directorate of the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA), has implemented regulatory and voluntary initiatives that are aimed at improving energy efficiency (EE) in new constructions. The government wants to go a step further by implementing an initial simplified version of a building EE and renewable energy (RE) rating scheme to ensure that any new constructions in the commercial and institutional sectors are rated according to the level of EE and RE performance achieved at the design stage in comparison to typical building practices in the country.


Econoler is working in partnership with Green Innova Trading on the development, testing and commissioning of a simplified building rating software tool to be used to establish EE and RE ratings for new buildings at their final design stage and then at the commissioning stage. The scope of this rating tool comprises standard commercial and institutional buildings such as office buildings, hospitals and schools. The tool will utilize data on typical material types such as wall and roof assemblies, windows, doors and equipment used in the local construction industry to ensure it is directly relevant to Bahrain’s specific context and needs.

The activities of the project are the following:

  • Analyzing local building regulations;
  • Analyzing the relevant international building labeling schemes;
  • Establishing a list of criteria for the Bahrain labeling scheme;
  • Designing an Excel-based tool;
  • Developing a points-based rating system;
  • Conducting a workshop on the tool to provide the necessary training and familiarization to launch the rating program.

At the end of the project, the EWA will have a simplified software tool for assessing and rating building overall EE and RE performance levels.

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