Development of an energy service company operation by ABB Sweden

EXPERTISE : , Energy Performance Contracting




Project Description

ABB in Sweden identified certain opportunities for developing and implementing energy efficiency (EE) projects in the local market and using an energy performance contracting (EPC) approach to enhance the added value of its service offerings. As a natural subsequent step, ABB in Sweden could consider launching its own energy service company (ESCO) operation, through which ABB was interested to expand its international business portfolio.

Econoler presented ABB in Sweden with a roadmap to help it develop an ESCO operational approach and an organizational structure suitable for an ESCO that offers EPC services to clients in the Swedish market. The roadmap was designed for ABB in Sweden by giving careful consideration to the opportunities and challenges faced by ABB in developing an EPC operation. The first step of this roadmap was to develop a clear view of not only ABB in Sweden’s objectives of offering new EPC-based solutions to its clients, but also its capacities for achieving these objectives.


Econoler organized and hosted a workshop at ABB in Sweden’s offices to develop a clear view of its objectives and capacities for offering new EPC-based solutions to its clients.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Understand ABB in Sweden’s objectives in offering ESCO services to its clients
  • Present the various ESCO approaches
  • Exchange views and opinions on the ESCO concept and how to best adapt this concept to meet ABB in Sweden’s needs
  • Explain the importance of measurement and verification (M&V) of savings achieved by ESCO projects
  • Review the assets that can be used and the barriers to be addressed in order to develop EPC-based service offerings in the market
  • Establish the profile of the market to be targeted by the new offerings
  • Achieve consensus on how to develop an EPC operation as part of ABB in Sweden’s business portfolio

The workshop would allow ABB in Sweden managers to make an informed decision on the way forward.

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