Development and delivery of a training program for ESCO/EESPS

EXPERTISE : , Capacity Building Services
SECTOR : , Public


Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT)


project Description

Under the Global Environment Facility Clean Production and Energy Efficiency Project (GEF CPEE), Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) with assistance from its international and local consultants, conducted a study on capacity-building and a training needs assessment for energy efficiency service providers and energy service companies (EESP/ESCOs) based on a survey of their  capacity, a review of Vietnam’s strategy and policy for promoting energy efficiency by taking into account Vietnam’s local context. The study proposed an advanced training program for ESCOs, government agencies, financial institutions and other relevant stakeholders on ESCO business, which consists of several training modules focusing on ESCO development, energy auditing, contracting including EPC, monitoring and verification, risk mitigation strategy, financial analysis, business plan, related policies, etc. MOIT hired Econoler to develop and deliver the advanced training program to develop and certify the capacity of the trained EESPs/ESCOs to the regional level, and strengthen capacity of government agencies, financial institutions and other stakeholders.


Econoler conducted the following tasks in implementing this assignment:

  • Development of outlines of the training program
  • Development of the training materials and implementation plan
  • Delivery of three 15-day training sessions to EESPs/ESCOs
  • Delivery of one 3-day training session for financial institution officials
  • Delivery of one 2-day training session for government officials
  • Delivery of a 5-day training of trainers to ensure subsequent delivery of the training programs by Vietnamese experts in the future

Econoler decided to offer and leverage its Certified Professional in Energy Performance Contracting (CPE) training and certification program and to adapt it to both the Vietnamese context and MOIT’s expectations.
High-quality training materials were developed in collaboration with local experts to ensure it was as relevant as possible to the realities of the energy efficiency sector in Vietnam.

It is foreseen that more than 70 professionals will be trained in the coming months and Econoler will be delivering certification titles and certificates to successful participants, in collaboration with its International Institute for Energy Training (IIET), which is acting as the certification body for this assignment.



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