Development and delivery of a comprehensive ESCO training program for certification of local ESCOS

EXPERTISE : , Capacity Building Services


Thai ESCO Association / GIZ


Project Description

Econoler was mandated to develop, customize and deliver an eight-day training program on the energy service company (ESCO) business model. The program covers risk management, contracts, energy performance contract (EPC) financing, measurement and verification (M&V), walk-through and investment-grade audits, among other topics. The program is now used by Thai ESCO Association to grant operating permits to ESCOs in Thailand.


To implement this assignment, Econoler has conducted a gap analysis to understand the need of the Thai ESCO Association’s members in terms of EPC and ESCO capacity building. From the onset, the goal was to develop a robust and comprehensive training and certification program that would be of international-level quality. This program is now used as an ESCO certification scheme in Thailand to filter and select ESCOs.


The training program developed and offered in Thailand consisted of the following modules:

  • The ESCO Business Model and Risk Management
  • Best practice of EPC Contracts and Contract Negotiation
  • Financing EPC Projects
  • Measurement and Verification of Savings
  • Walk Through Energy Audits and Investment Grade Audits
  • Development of EE Projects Within an ESCO

To prepare the training material, Econoler collaborated very closely with the Thai ESCO experts to include as much local content, regulations, case studies and examples as possible. This was reflected in comments received from participants at the end of the training.

Training was delivered to more than 30 participants in July 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. Out of the participants, one individual stood out and was selected to become a trainer. Mr. Pierre Baillargeon thus offered a training of trainer workshop to ensure that the local trainer could continue the delivery of the ESCO training program in the future in Thailand.

Econoler conducted all tasks related to this assignment, from identification of needs, to development of material, to certification handling and reporting to Thai ESCO Association and GIZ.

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