Consulting services in energy efficiency for large, medium and small consumers

SECTOR : , Commercial, Industrial, Residential


La Régie de Production et de Distribution d’Eau et d’Électricité (REGIDESO)


Burundi’s Water and Power Production and Distribution Board (REGIDESO) received a donation (donation no. T F 012460) from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the executing agency  for the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), to finance the cost of the Energy Efficiency Project (PEE) (project no. P117225). The PEE has two sectoral objectives: (1) to develop and adopt policy frameworks for energy efficiency; and (2) to selectively improve energy efficiency in buildings, industrial businesses and households. This project aimed to reduce peak load demand, minimize load shedding and replace selected investments whose thermal production is expensive. The PEE consisted of four components: (1) promoting and distributing low-energy lamps (LELs) and other energy-efficiency equipment; (2) implementing an activity program to support the application of the energy audit’s results; (3) promoting energy-efficiency technologies among large consumers; and (4) developing national guidelines for high-efficiency technologies.


Econoler was hired to implement the PEE’s fourth component by carrying out the following tasks:

  • Identifying all the relevant outcomes from the activities of the first three project components.
  • Together with the Energy Efficiency Task Group of REGIDESO, developing an energy-efficiency guide based on all the available information and distributing it among large, medium and small consumers and all the public institutions involved.
  • Helping REGIDESO organize a three-day conference, which stakeholders and representatives from large, medium and small energy-consumers in the public and private sectors were invited to attend.
  • Examining and analyzing the current expectations and needs of future beneficiaries of the energy efficiency program and publishing a brochure of four to six pages summarizing the energy efficiency guide and providing relevant answers to large, medium and small energy-consumers. (A draft letter of transmittal would come with this brochure and would be distributed by REGIDESO.)
  • Preparing and delivering a two-week training program for four candidates from the Energy Efficiency Task Group for the large and medium energy-consumers in a local specialized centre. The office may choose to present details of the training costs, by taking into account the travel, accommodation and living expenses in addition to per diems.

Despite the difficult working conditions, the project was completed on time and on budget to the client’s satisfaction. Actually, in addition to the initial quite limited budget to cover a considerable volume of tasks and the tight deadlines due to the lead-time, the country’s security situation made our experts’ work very complicated. However, faced with measured risks, Econoler’s experts completed the assigned tasks and fulfilled the assignment, which will definitely contribute to Burundi’s commitment to improving energy efficiency.

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