Consultancy services energy conservation bill

EXPERTISE : /Legal and regulatory frameworks
SECTOR : , Utilities


MEMD Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development


project description

The Government of Uganda proposed to implement a number of Energy Efficiency (EE) and Demand‑Side Management (DSM) programs to help reduce the existing supply-demand gap in the Ugandan electricity sector and offer lower-cost energy solutions to Ugandan electricity consumers. In furtherance of this objective, the Government of Uganda was granted a credit facility from the International Development Association, a member of the World Bank Group. The facility was used to finance the Power Sector Development Operation (PSDO).

To assist in the development of the legislative and institutional framework, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD) of the Government of Uganda mandated Econoler to provide assistance in analyzing background work previously performed and drafting the Energy Conservation Bill and associated regulations.


For the successful completion of its mandate, Econoler carried out the following activities:

  • Reviewed a background report on the legal principles to be embodied in the Act and provided analyses of Ugandan legislation, or from other countries when required.
  • Reviewed the Uganda Energy Efficiency Strategy.
  • Carried out initial consultations with various key stakeholders to obtain information for developing appropriate legislation.
  • Prepared the Draft Energy Conservation Bill, in line with the foregoing reviews, analyses and consultations.
  • Organized a consultative workshop for key stakeholders to discuss the Draft Bill.
  • Prepared the Revised Draft Energy Conservation Bill with explanatory notes identifying the issues raised during the workshop with key stakeholders and the proposed methodologies for addressing such issues in the corresponding draft regulations.


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