Design of a Financing Program for Scaling-up Rooftop Solar PV

EXPERTISE : , Financing Mechanisms and Fund Management /Design
SECTOR : , Commercial, Industriel, Public, Résidentiel


World Bank


project description

Turkey has significant renewable energy potential, including solar, mainly as a result of its geographic location. As a result, the solar market in Turkey has grown exponentially over the last few years, with installed solar capacity growing from 40 MW in 2014 to about 5,063 MW at the end of 2018. Recognizing this, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey (MENR), supported by the World Bank, needs to identify and develop business models and financial support mechanisms to support the scale-up of rooftop solar photovoltaic (RSPV) systems for four customer segments: (1) residential buildings including single-family and multifamily apartment buildings (MABs); (2) commercial buildings; (3) industrial facilities; and (4) government buildings. This initiative is aimed at attracting private-sector solutions, particularly in the form of private financing already available on the market, to unlock the potential of distributed renewable energy generation (dREG) in the country.


The assignment serves to explore the impacts of the updated regulatory framework on the scale-up of RSPV, as well as provides recommendations to MENR on both business models and the design of specific financial products for the scale-up of rooftop PVs. Econoler has been mandated to:

  • Review the updated RSPV regulatory framework and establish an updated financial viability analysis;
  • Define viable business models adapted to the revised regulatory framework;
  • Provide recommendations to MENR on the design of dedicated financial products and incentive schemes for the various RSPV market segments;
  • Provide recommendations on the design of capacity building programs and awareness raising campaigns.
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