BOMA best program certification for the complexe Saint-Amable

EXPERTISE : , Project Implementation /Measurement and Verification (M&V) of performance /Greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies
SECTOR : , Commercial, Résidentiel


Casot Ltée


project description

The Complexe Saint-Amable, managed by Casot Ltée, is the property of Desjardins, which also leases office space therein. Under a sustainable development initiative undertaken by Desjardins, the group began carrying out the necessary steps to obtain the BOMA BEST® certification for all its buildings. With this certification, Desjardins is targeting increased energy efficiency and overall building environmental performance. In this context, Casot Ltée was named property manager of the Complexe Saint-Amable and was mandated to assess the current state of the building. The aim is to evaluate the environmental conditions, energy efficiency improvement potential, as well as the necessary changes to meet BOMA BEST program requirements.

To carry out this mandate, Casot Ltée contracted the services of Econoler to conduct not only a preliminary assessment of whether the Complexe Saint-Amable is admissible to the BOMA BEST program, but also an energy audit since it is a prerequisite for BOMA BEST certification.


This mandate is divided into three stages:

The first stage consists of evaluating the admissibility of Complexe Saint-Amable to the program. This stage includes a preliminary assessment of environmental management practices and the changes required to the building to ensure it meets program requirements.

The second stage will consist of establishing an energy balance of Complexe Saint-Amable. On top of being a prerequisite for BOMA BEST certification, this energy assessment will serve to determine building improvements, including changes that could increase the certification level obtained.

During the third stage, Econoler will prepare an energy analysis report and a list of recommended measures to increase energy efficiency and overall environmental performance.

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