Georgia , Bulgaria

Audits of compressors and annealing furnaces

EXPERTISE : /Measurement and Verification (M&V) of performance
SECTOR : , Industrial


Eenerji (Endüstriyel Enerji San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.)

project description

Building on the previous audits conducted as part of its initiative to implement energy performance contract (EPC) projects in industrial facilities, Endüstriyel Enerji commissioned Econoler to offer additional consulting and measurement services regarding its compressed air systems and annealing furnaces.

Econoler conducted measurements and audits on compressors and main compressed-air end-usage piping in two glass factories in Bulgaria, as well as preliminary audits on annealing furnaces in Bulgaria and Georgia.


More specifically, this assignment consisted of the following two components:

  • Compressed-air audits in Bulgaria.
    • Econoler coordinated with the client to install the valves to connect the measurement instruments, and make sure that the holes in piping were appropriate and that the client had appropriate safety measures in place.
    • Econoler conducted on-site compressed-air audits.
    • Preparation of an energy audit report to present the data and information collected on the annual usage data reported by operators and the data collected from the measurement campaign.
  • Lehr annealing furnaces in Bulgaria and Georgia.
    • Econoler collected the available historical data and information regarding energy consumption and manufacturing outputs (including the normal operating schedule) of each of the ten annealing lehrs to be audited so as to: (1) provide the auditing team with the necessary data and information about the general operation of each glass manufacturing facility; (2) develop a measurement and verification plan; and (3) help create an accurate operation baseline for the annealing lehrs.
    • conducted a full-process audit of the Şişecam annealing lehrs (5 lehrs per facility at two facilities). The audit process was carried out by following the ASHRAE standard and the measurement process by using the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). The objective of Phase 2 was to document and review the energy-use pattern in the current operation so as to establish an accurate operational model to be used in calculating potential savings.
    • Econoler calculated potential energy savings by focusing on those measures that could be streamlined and replicated on a large number of Lehr furnaces.

Following Econoler’s mandate, Endüstriyel Enerji implemented the measures deemed to have the best return on investment.

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