Technical Assistance for Sustainable Energy: Business Model for PV Systems

EXPERTISE : , Financing Mechanisms and Fund Management /Design /Evaluation
SECTOR : , Services d’utilité publique, Public


The Clean Energy Solutions Center et Masen



project description

Morocco is aiming to significantly increase the share of renewables in its energy mix by 2030. Masen is the company hired to manage renewable energy in Morocco and has been tasked to increase by 6,000 MW the country’s renewable energy capacity by 2030. To achieve this goal, Masen was looking at various options other than the centralized on-grid power plants that it had developed. An initial idea involving the use of a decentralized PV system was proposed by Masen’s management team. This team had to spend more time and resources properly developing this idea so that a better-thought-out idea could be submitted to its board for review and approval.


Econoler was hired to assist Masen in making an objective analysis of financial mechanisms and then applying the findings of this analysis in developing a business plan aimed at increasing the use of decentralized PV systems in the private sector in accordance with the national legal and regulatory requirements. Econoler provided support to Masen to help develop an appropriate and effective business plan. Econoler also developed some specific sections addressing the technical and financial aspects of the proposed model and helped identify the most appropriate structure to be adopted for carrying out activities in the solar-energy sector. The developed model included the following key components: (1) private-sector stakeholders that are expected to provide technical assistance and turnkey installation services; (2) adapted financing to be provided to energy consumers in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors to enable them to install PV systems; and (3) the assumption that the revenues to be generated by the energy produced by the installed PV systems will pay for the cost of the PV systems and the installation services.

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