Assignment name: Technical Assistance for Conducting a Market Survey and Developing the Labelling Standards

EXPERTISE : /Measurement and Verification (M&V) of performance
SECTOR : , Industrial, Public


The Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA)


description de projet

In Rwanda, the number of households with access to on-grid electricity doubled in the past five years thanks to the efforts led by the Rwandan Electricity Access Roll-out Program (EARP). Off-grid electrification also grew. The bulk of household electricity demand is primarily used for lighting. Since the Government of Rwanda was aware of the essential role played by electricity access in accelerating economic development and improving people’s health and living standards, it set a target of achieving 100% access to electricity by 2024 through a combination of on-grid and off‑grid supply. More specifically, a grid extension is expected to cover 52% of the population and off-grid electrification is expected to cover 48%.

As Rwanda’s economy continues to grow rapidly and as the current national electrification policies and strategies are being implemented, the use of lighting products is expected to grow significantly in the residential and public sectors and all the other economic sectors.

Therefore, the Government of Rwanda contracted Econoler to provide the MININFRA with technical assistance in conducting a market survey and developing the labelling standards and minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for household lighting and street-lighting products in Rwanda.

faits saillants

Econoler was hired to carry out the following main tasks:

  • Analyzing product baseline data and making a detailed analysis of the market for household lighting and street-lighting products.
  • Analyzing and proposing the possible and relevant thresholds for lights for the energy label.
  • Analyzing the market’s readiness to implement the appliance’s energy label and standards and preparing clear recommendations on whether to introduce labelling and standards for a type of appliance on a voluntary or mandatory basis.

Following the completion of this assignment, the MEPS and energy labelling classes for lighting products and the detailed implementation plan proposed by Econoler were adopted by all the major relevant stakeholders involved in the energy-sector working group, including the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) and the MININFRA.

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