Adoption and Implementation of the Nigerian Building Energy Efficiency Code (BEEC)

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


Project description

The Nigeria Building Energy Efficiency Code (BEEC) State Adoption and Implementation is the second phase of the recent Nigeria federal Building Energy Efficiency Code project. The objective of the project is to support the Nigerian Ministry of Power, Works and Housing (Housing Sector) and at least three selected states in developing a buildings’ energy efficiency implementation strategy and specifically in the following areas:

  • Adoption of the Building Energy Efficiency Code at the state level.
  • Capacity-building in the Building Energy Efficiency Code implementation.
  • Execution of 10 energy audits in public buildings at the federal and state levels. This support for the audits, especially regarding training, will take into consideration the energy audit training that was implemented in the first phase of the Nigerian energy support program.
  • Support for 10 private housing developers with their building designs to take into consideration the Building Energy Efficiency Code’s requirements.

Strategic communication on the Building Energy Efficiency Code and its benefits.


Econoler is providing services to help modify the federal BEEC code’s elements to accommodate for state-specific climate conditions and examine the need to expand the code to cover other state-specific socio-economic and market-related characteristics.

The state code technical adoption process includes an engagement phase, a state code development phase, a state code draft presentation and stakeholder feedback phase, and a code finalization phase. The code development is to be carried out simultaneously with the state-level building control process review and the BEEC integration work stream to ensure the development of a feasible enforcement regime in terms of the staff’s technical capacity and alignment with developers’ and end-users’ capacities to avoid market failure.

As part of the State BEEC Adoption and Implementation project, Econoler will also provide capacity-building training in energy auditing and energy management. These training activities are to be conducted in two phases. Phase 1 will be an introductory course. Phase 2 will be an advanced course concluding with a certification examination.

Econoler is leading the BEEC code development process for GIZ and the selected states in Nigeria, ensuring that the code’s elements are technically sound and feasible for the market to implement. The development process has been well integrated into the building control enforcement process to ensure smooth implementation through day-to-day operations.

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